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Dental implant illustrationI needed a dentist, not too far from home, and I happened to receive a postcard advertisement in the mail for the office of Dr. Weigand. I decided to give the office a try, and have been returning for dental care ever since.

I’m really not very loyal when it comes to receiving health care. If I feel at any time I could do better somewhere else, off I go. It’s the only body I have after all! Thankfully, I really like this particular dental office for many reasons.

First, the staff are excellent at what they do, and are very kind and compassionate people. I have learned so much about how to keep my gums and teeth healthier through the years, listening to my hygienists. All of the staff, including the front receptionist, the accountant, the dental assistants, and everyone are excellent communicators and skilled in their positions. That matters to me! I appreciate feeling like I’m getting the best care I can.

Second, the latest technology is super important to me! I wanted the amalgam fillings out of mouth for health reasons, and
Dr. Weigand agreed. The first time he gave me a shot before a procedure I couldn’t believe it! I was clenched and braced for the pain, but it didn’t hurt!! Apparently, the vibrating shot distracts the brain so it doesn’t register the pain. I can’t put into words how deeply I appreciated that. I honestly think every dental practitioner should use vibrating shots; for the sake of compassion! I know that the latest technology is important to Dr. Weigand and, to me, that means I’m getting the best care I can.

Unfortunately, I’ve turned out to need a lot of dental work over the years, but thank goodness I was in superb hands. I could write a book about all of the root canals, crowns, and cavities, but two particular occasions come to mind.

The first incident involves replacing the root canal I had received as a young teen. It was really bad timing because my mother had recently been moved to Spokane and was having surgery, at the time the root canal needed to be dealt with. I was exhausted, working full time, getting to the hospital to give Mom support and squeezing in a dental procedure. The staff and Dr. Weigand’s office were just so kind and compassionate. I felt like they cared about me as a person not just a patient.
And, by the way, the two front teeth turned out beautiful. The color and match to my other teeth was spot on. (Just as an aside I want to mention that I eventually brought my mother to the office for cleanings, and the staff was so sweet and very gentle with her!)

The next incident was brought about by an accident. One morning, at an exercise class I slipped and broke three of my front teeth. I think I was in shock, and just told my husband to take me to Dr. Weigand’s office. We didn’t even call ahead! I arrived traumatized and sore. They worked me in as soon as they could to see what needed to be done. I don’t think I waited more than 10 minutes. Dr. Weigand took care of everything. He works closely with other doctors in the building to coordinate health care plans involving root canals and implants. It makes it so much easier, as a patient, to just go upstairs for scheduling other procedures. The offices communicate efficiently and questions are handled in real time. This time I ended up needing two implants and a crown. Everything proceeded smoothly. I have my smile back!

I feel extremely lucky to have Dr. Weigand, and his wonderful staff, as my dental team! I feel that they truly care about their patients and work diligently to provide the best care possible.

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