Laser Gum Surgery Vs Traditional Surgery – ​Laser Gum Surgery Vs Traditional Surgery Spokane WA

Spokane, WA dentist offers laser gum surgery vs traditional surgery

Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults, and 178 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth. Only a fraction of those affected receive necessary care per year. The most common reason people delay treatment is fear of painful procedures. Despite being a successful solution for periodontal disease, ​gum surgery has gotten a negative reputation over the years. Dr. Richard Weigand is pleased to offer a modern, minimally invasive ​laseralternative ​vs traditional surgery for patients in the ​Spokane, WA area.

​Why consider laser gum surgery in Spokane, WA vs traditional surgery

​Traditional gum surgery requires use of scalpels and stitches to effectively clean areas between teeth and gums and decrease the pocket depth. It takes some time for the mouth to fully heal after this procedure, which may concern some patients.

 As an alternative, ​laser gum surgery is quick and effective​. There is no cutting or suturing, so you can get back to regular activities the next day. This contemporary form of periodontal therapy uses a pinpoint beam of focused light to essentially vaporize diseased gum tissue. Laser energy kills harmful oral bacteria, contributing to faster healing. Since the laser automatically cauterizes, treatment is comfortable and there is minimal bleeding or swelling.

Laser periodontal surgery restores vitality to soft tissues. So, if gum graft surgery is necessary to restore receding gums, it is more likely to be successful.

Even though laser gum surgery is minimally invasive, patients with dental anxiety may be apprehensive about the procedure. ​Dr. Weigand offers sedation dentistry ​to everyone. Get the treatment needed for a healthier mouth and body.

Benefits of laser gum surgery

  • Minimally invasive
  • Virtually pain-free
  • Quick recovery
  • No scalpel used
  • No stitches
  • Reduced gum bleeding
  • Immediate improvement in appearance

Dr. Weigand is committed to providing the advantages of laser dentistry to patients of Richard D Weigand DDS. He trained at The​ World ​Clinical Laser Institute, where he earned the status of Fellow. As one of the early adopters of laser gum surgery in the Spokane area, Dr. Weigand has a wealth of clinical experience, with excellent outcomes.

Gum health can have a big impact on your smile and overall wellness. Call (509) 485-8620 to schedule gentle therapy with Dr. Weigand.