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Mercury free dentistry in Spokane, WA for healthy, attractive smiles

At one time, oral health was considered separate and distinct from whole body wellness. Today we know that the mouth-body connection is undeniable – everything that goes into the mouth impacts the body in some way. Dr. Richard Weigand practices ​mercury free dentistrybecause he believes patients in the ​Spokane, WA area deserve the safest dental fillings and restorations available, for attractive appearance, and healthy mouths that contribute to wellbeing.

The ongoing amalgam controversy

Dental amalgam is a compound of about 50 percent mercury combined with silver, tin, copper, and other metals. It has been used in this country to fill cavities since the 1800s. Many adults have at least one silver-colored filling, and the technique is still in use. However, there is growing concern over the possibility of dental mercury poisoning. Some medical researchers believe there is risk of mercury fillings side effects with this known toxin in proximity to the brain 24/7/365.

Dr. Weigand will be happy to talk with you about this matter during a personal consultation. Meanwhile, in his care, you have access to a beautiful alternative to mercury fillings. Dr. Weigand places contemporary, BPA-safe composite resin fillings. This material ​matches tooth color​, so no one will know you had a cavity. It is ideal for front tooth restorations, and strong and durable enough for molars.

Sometimes an area of tooth decay or trauma is too large for repair with a filling. Dr. Weigand uses natural-looking, metal-free porcelain inlays, onlays, or crowns ​for these restorations.

How Spokane, WA patients benefit from mercury free dentistry

  •  Dr. Weigand’s patients enjoy bright, natural-looking smiles with non-metal and mercury free restorations.
  •  The doctor also uses safe amalgam fillings removal techniques, for patients who wish to have existing mercury fillings replaced with composite or porcelain.
  • Composite fillings are conservative – more healthy tooth structure is preserved.
  •  The biocompatible material will not tarnish, corrode, or contribute to galvanism (electric currents in the mouth).
  • Composite and porcelain restorations are easy to care for – just brush and floss normally.
  •  With good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, metal-free restorations can provide many years of trouble-free service.

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