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Fifteen years ago, Judy Hubbell was in search for answers about her dental health. She had an upper bridge held by a few dentition, and unfortunately those teeth holding the bridge, were now failing and needed to be extracted. At that point in time her current dentist had told her that a full upper denture was the only option after the failing bridge. She was hoping there were other options out there, and didn’t like the idea of a denture. Luckily, that is when she found Dr. Richard Weigand, who gave her good news.

What was the good news? Options! Dr. Weigand told Judy about the possibility of implants. If she were a good candidate for implants, she could do a full upper fixed bridge that would be the closest thing to real teeth! Judy was ecstatic about this option, and after hearing about the process she was happy to hear about how easy it would be for her. After she was evaluated by the oral surgeon, she was approved as a good candidate for implants and started the process right away. The results left her with a bright confident happy smile that has been lasting for fifteen years!

Around the fifteenth year, Dr. Weigand noticed incisal wear that was becoming visible on the upper fixed denture. Wear is something that happens on dentition no matter what due to daily chewing, grinding etc. A new upper fixed denture was recommended with better materials that were now available to Judy that would last longer, full zirconia. Judy opted to get this upgraded bridge, and the results are beautiful. Dr. Weigand could not be happier helping patients like Judy with better, healthier, longer lasting options for their smiles every day.

Before Judy’s Dental Bridge

Judy’s Before Her Dental Bridge


After Judy’s Dental Bridge

Judy’s After Her Dental Bridge


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