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Love your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Spokane, WA

Cosmetic dentistry services at Richard D Weigand DDS in ​Spokane, WAcan transform your smile. Would you like a subtle change – an adjustment to the shape or size of a few teeth? Maybe you want to dramatically brighten the shade? Or improve the spacing and alignment of all your teeth? Dr. Weigand can help, with ​personalized smile enhancing solutions​.

In Spokane, WA you have options in cosmetic dentistry

​Dr. Weigand offers a broad range of general and cosmetic dentistry services. Though aesthetics is a consideration in most procedures, a cosmetic dental treatment is intended specially to beautify your smile.

​Cosmetic teeth whitening is performed in our office by a trained dental team. We utilize professional strength bleaching agents for effective results, with a technique that virtually eliminates sensitivity. This safe, comfortable method provides predictable results in about an hour.

Cosmetic dental bonding is a tooth-colored material made of BPA-safe resin. Bonding repairs chips and cracks; closes gaps between teeth; improves shape, size, or color; and repairs worn down teeth. Silver-colored mercury fillings can be replaced with bonding, too. Cosmetic bonding is completed in one visit, and often numbing is not necessary.

Veneers are the premier aesthetic dentistry option. These thin layers of porcelain are custom designed to fit over the front surfaces of “smile teeth.” Lustrous porcelain veneers mask all sorts of imperfections – in just two visits!

You can look great while getting straighter teeth with the Invisalign orthodontic system, which uses transparent aligners rather than brackets, bands, and wires. Aligners are removable, so there are no diet restrictions and it is easy to keep teeth clean.

​Benefits of cosmetic dentistry at Richard D Weigand DDS

Care is individualized. You may choose a single treatment, or a full smile makeover. Services can be performed at one time or phased in as your schedule and budget allow.

  •     You will probably smile more readily, confident that aesthetic flaws are corrected. That can open doors socially and in business.
  •     We naturally associate dingy color, damaged teeth, and wear with age. You could look years younger with cosmetic teeth enhancement.
  •     Cosmetic dentistry could indirectly improve oral health and wellness. Most patients are inspired to take better care of their mouths to maintain results. That reduces risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Schedule a consultation with local cosmetic dentist, Dr. Weigand to learn more about the beautiful options in modern ​cosmetic dentistry. His number in ​Spokane, WAis (509) 485-8620.

$ 2.75 Billion

It is estimated that over $2.75 billion is spent on cosmetic dentistry each year. Starting with baby boomers, we are witnessing a change in how people age. We are aging more beautifully, and a large part of that can be attributed to modern dental cosmetic services that maintain the youth and health of the smile.

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