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Laser dentistry means virtually pain-free treatment in Spokane, WA

Laser dentistry is a technological advance that is changing how patients in ​Spokane, WAfeel about oral care. With three of these innovative tools on site at Richard D Weigand DDS, patients enjoy more comfortable treatment with speedier healing. Dr. Weigand can deliver care with greater efficiency and accuracy. That makes laser dentistry a win for everyone involved.

P​rocedures aided by advanced laser dentistry

Dr. Weigand is one of only a few dentists in the area qualified to use dental lasers. He has completed many hours of training, and he maintains status as a Fellow of the World Clinical Laser Institute to offer minimally invasive treatment alternatives.

  • Laser dental cleaning reduces need for manual scraping. This technique removes plaque and hardened tartar and kills harmful oral bacteria.
  • Laser cavity detection. The device illuminates areas of decay hidden from view (such as between teeth or beneath old dental work), or too small to show in an X-ray or see with the unassisted eye. Early detection avoids toothache and results in smaller fillings.
  •  Laser filling preparation – Use of laser for cavities doesn’t end with detection. Dr. Weigand utilizes focused light energy to remove decayed tooth structure without drilling.
  •  Laser gum surgery – Dr. Weigand uses a soft tissue laser to treat gum disease with precision. Diseased tissue is removed and periodontal pockets around teeth are sanitized. This technique greatly reduces post-procedure sensitivity.
  •  Laser gum recontouring – Do you have a “gummy smile,” or uneven edges? Gum tissue can also be modified for cosmetic enhancement with laser dentistry.
  •   Laser frenectomy for adults – Waterlase dentistry is a brief and simple solution for tongue- or lip-tie.

​Advantages of laser dentistry in Spokane, WA

  • ​Minimally-invasive – With laser dentistry there is no cutting or suturing.
  • Highly accurate, for reduced soft tissue trauma and preservation of healthy hard structures.
  • Virtually pain-free. In many cases, numbing is not needed.
  • Quicker treatment, so you spend less time in the chair.
  • Little or no bleeding or swelling, since the device seals vascular tissue automatically.
  • Fast recovery – Return to regular activities the next day and resume your normal diet.

Leading edge dentistry is beneficial for every patient. If you are in the ​Spokane, WA area, “​laser dentistry near me” is close by at Richard D Weigand DDS. Call (509) 485-8620 to book an appointment.

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